De Pontormo a Murillo, entre lo Sagrado y lo Profano

Lidia Camacho

Director General of Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes

De Pontormo a Murillo, entre lo Sagrado y lo Profano

Museo Nacional de San Carlos Mexico D.F. June 29—October 1

The Colnaghi Foundation is proud to present at the San Carlos National Museum the first exhibition of masterpieces from its collection to take place in Mexico. The Colnaghi paintings hang alongside works from the prestigious Franz Mayer Museum, Pérez Simón Collection, San Felipe Neri “La Profesa” Temple, and the Museum of Guadalupe, Zacatecas, in an exhibition entitled From Pontormo to Murillo. Between the Sacred and the Profane. The works were chosen not only because of their high quality and beauty but also as part of an art historical narrative. The story starts with the Renaissance and Mannerism, periods in which the beauty of the human body and the need for balanced compositions became primary artistic preoccupations. It ends with the Baroque in which exaltation of the divine came to the forefront once again, this time in tandem with an increasing interest in the natural world. The inter-relationships between these periods and the pairing of works owned by prestigious private institutions with pieces from the Mexican national collection provide a unique opportunity for visitors - an experience that is a feast for the eyes as well as a fascinating journey for anyone interested in the history of art. Go to Exhibition’s website